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In the frame of the DYP project the Institute of Industrial Design prepared and published the handbook “Design Management” (Warsaw, March 2011)

Design Your Profit project handbook „Design Management” 

The publication is a practical tool and a source of knowledge for managers and members of project teams responsible for the process of new product development.

It is the first in Poland manual covering such a large area of knowledge on design management, being at the same time a description of the methodology of new design product development process , its introduction onto the market and its managing in the company. A strong point of the manual are numerous examples from Polish and international market as well as a CD containing document examples, forms templates and  many other practical attachments including extracts of legal documents or descriptions of interesting business methods and analysis .

The handbook is a basic education material for all the participants of the Design Your Profit workshops and e-learning cources.

“Twenty years ago, building a distribution network for the entrepreneurs, to deliver the product to the buyer  was the challenge. Today, in the day of malls and megastores, making a product stand out on the shelf is the problem. Both back then and now, the solution is resourcefulness and innovation. Twenty years ago, our design management handbook would be a fad. Today, the knowledge contained within is the key for surviving on the market. “

Beata Bochińska
Chairperson of the Board of the Institute of Industrial Design

“A nice, impressive overview of the Design Management field. Good handbook for practical use by managers, teachers, designers, etc. The good practices with pictures give a pleasant variation. Astonishing! It seems that Poland is doing very well.”

Ingrid Vandenhoudt
Design Flanders (Partner of the Design Your Profit project)

“I am rather surprised to see how similar are the problems related to Industrial Design in different countries with different work cultures and ethic, particularly when we say that 'design is highly contextual' in nature. This book represents true global design thinking and problem solving approaches. This book is a handbook, a textbook and a manual of design practice, all rolled into one, and a must for the library of every design school and every management school.

The book of two hundred and odd pages is rich in information and insights. The cases described are very relevant to the points made and very effectively convey the potency of ideas. This book is not only useful to the practitioners of Design Management in Poland, but in Europe and Asia, particularly in India, where industry has just about matured to a level, where they actively seek industrial design inputs for putting their innovations into the market place. The companies, who do not understand this, will be laid by the way side. I therefore fully agree with Bochinska's remark that 'smart design that makes our world a simpler place and humanizes technologies, products and services and the companies that understand this concept will be the driving force of the modern economy'. This book, I believe, will help these companies to convert this understanding into practical reality.”

Prof. Kishor Munshi
Industrial Design Centre
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

“The political developments of the last decade of the twentieth century have led to a fundamental cultural change, which has opened the global  market and favored worldwide competition, and this excellent English edition is ready to be used internationally.

Students of Product Design will use this handbook for studying and preparing for their exams. The book is likewise useful and helpful as a reference for the professional practitioners. It contributes to the understanding of the culture and expression of the Product Designers, and therefore the way of thinking of Product Designers is no longer an enigma. “

Prof. Dr. Walter Ehrhart Rumpf
Geodetics, University of applied science, Frankfurt a. M

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